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Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You through Your son, Jesus Christ.  Thank You for Your Word that teaches me to forgive everyone who has ever hurt me or abused me in any way. You have forgiven me for my wrongs, so I choose to forgive others for their wrongs against me. 

In obedience, and by an act of my will, I forgive......... (call out the name of persons that you need to forgive). I forgive the debt they owe me, for the hurt they've caused and wrong things they have done to me.

Father, as I forgive, I recognize that it does not automatically remove pain associated with the circumstance. According to Your Word, I am simply releasing the debt and I ask You, Lord, to bring healing and restoration in my life which come with forgiveness.  Please give me wisdom by Your Holy Spirit to restore those relationships which are healthy and release those which are harmful. 

Thank You for Your forgiveness and healing. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

It has been my experience that the area of unforgiveness is often a major source of problems that many  experience. There is a burden that we carry, manifesting in different ways such as depression, anger or even physical illnesses. The Bible tells us in the book of Mark 11:25 that, as we pray, we should forgive others as God forgives us..Watch the slide show on forgiveness a few times and say the prayer below earnestly. Watch what happens and share with us!