Christian Counselors You Can Trust

Life Coach

A certified Christian life coach empowers you to deeply contemplate your relationship with the Christ. As your Christian life coach in Atlanta, Dr. Barry Dailey will draw principles from the Bible and help you find answers to your problems from biblical precepts. People often find themselves in so much trouble at some point in their lives that they seem to question the very existence of God, forgetting that the solution to all their problems and troubles rests in Him and no one else. With our life coaching sessions, you will develop the courage and confidence to overcome all your doubts, uncertainty, resistance, and fears that have been stopping you from moving forward.

  • Our Christian life coaching sessions in Atlanta, Georgia will help you
  • Grow spiritually
  • Get direction and clarity
  • Identify the purpose of your life
  • Feel motivated and accountable
  • Understand the true meaning of compassion, love, self-love, and acceptance
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle