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Depression Counseling

Depression can make your life become hopeless and empty. There is a sense of isolation, thinking only you understand this heavy feeling. You start to feel that there is no one to listen to all those things that are going through your mind at this moment. Your thoughts make you feel sick of your existence.

These are troubled times for any human being. You start to question the worth of your life and whether God has a plan for you or not? Many people with depression turn to drugs and alcohol, thinking that these things will help them rid this sinking feeling. However, in most cases, your depression could worsen to a degree that will make you feel guilty or suicidal.

Let us help you or loved ones with depression counseling and we will work with you to ignite your faith in God. The goal is to alleviate pain and suffering which is outside God’s desire for you.

Our spiritual healing approach for depression will not only strengthen your body and mind, but also help you improve your spiritual relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Don’t let continuous depression stop you from achieving God’s plans and your dreams. Contact us to benefit from our Biblical, faith-based approach that will change your life for the better.