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What if you were told, "There is no problem you will ever face in this life that cannot be effectively handled biblically?"  What if you were convinced there is nothing that can come against you that is greater than you can bear? Using the power of biblical problem solving, we can use a systematic approach to conceptualize and effectively address every obstacle in life, whether they are physical, mental or spiritual. The Bible, properly understood and applied, provides answers to effectively deal with every problem which impedes the pathway to living life in abundance – the way Jesus intended life to be lived! This is the premise of Christian counseling; every problematic circumstance or experience can be addressed God’s way for total victory!

An important point must be made that there is no easy road to victory. However, applying biblical principles in alignment to the Word and leading of the Holy Spirit, there is confidence that all challenges will be effectively solved in ways that bring glory to God and blessings to all involved.

A simplistic approach would be to outline biblical problem solving principles and provide some tips on application. However, our approach is to provide background information, discuss principles and walk through the development of the biblical problem solving model with you. It is our prayer that you will gain a personal appreciation of biblical problem solving principles and assume greater power to overcome every circumstance that you or anyone else you know may ever face. Biblical problem solving in pursuit of the abundant life is for His glory and your blessing. The greater the victory, the greater the praise; the greater the praise, the greater God’s glory!

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Dr. Barry Dailey

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Helping You Solve  Life Problems, God's Way

With challenges and complexities of life, you or someone you  love may be struggling with oppressive life problems, such as depression, loneliness, substance abuse, anger, strained family relationships or any such problem. You may have tried many ways to deal with the challenge or you may be just coping  in your own way. However, we have proven the most 

Christian counseling is effective because it applies biblical principles that address the totoal person - mind, body and spirit.

Nothing is Too Hard for God

effective way to overcome life problems and honor God is to apply the Power of Biblical Problem Solving. 

We are  Christ-centered, biblical counselors, located in the Atlanta Georgia area who have a passion to teach biblical truths that address life challenges, no matter how difficult they may be. We believe the Bible answers  EVERY life problem, directly or in principle. Let us show you how to apply biblical principles to overcome life obstacles.